DB Map Ice Demon

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DB Map Ice Demon

Post by TFO_MrRage2U »

I wouldn't post on a map but clan member viper gave me a link to a map he said was outstanding. Tried it and i have to say the detail that went into this map was nothing short of awsome. It's a little over 7Mb so chances are it would be a good idea to download rather than wait for it to download from someone's server. It's an official NHL arena complete with scoreboard. Not like that other ice map where u move and slide 4 ft. U really have to see it to believe it, it's worth the download. U can find it on
ut2003files.com and the map name is ice demon. We have it on our server if u want to try it out sometime.(TFO server)
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Post by beefsack »

go to planet-db if you want to comment to the author. hes got a thread going there.
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Post by theberkin8or »

this map might even be good enough to be an offical map, it is certianly better than some offical maps (in imo anyway)
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Post by jet2lag »

hm when you switch off the weapon - the radar is hard to see

but all in all - nice map!
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Post by Gobi »

Played it today for 1 hour.Nice triggered lights but the crowdsound is much to loud.
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Post by Fallen »

ever been to a hockey game, its relistic sounds!
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Re: DB Map Ice Demon

Post by FunkyGibber »

It's been a good few years since I made this map and I happened across this post purely by chance. I'd just like to say thanks to everyone who played Ice Demon and enjoyed it. I'm glad I gave you all a map you enjoyed...kinda the whole point I made it tbh. Amazing to know that people STILL play this map! I've been thinking of starting mapping again...life sometimes takes over doesn't it?? I'll keep you all pegged. But to everyone who enjoyed this small donation of mine to the gaming community...thanks for the positive feedback. Made me smile tonight!
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Re: DB Map Ice Demon

Post by The_One »

It's a really great map. Thanks. :)