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15. Save Level Status

A good advice: Add every level to the favorites/bookmarks in your browser. That protects you from losing the passwords and level url's. In the taskbar of your browser is a point 'bookmarks' or 'favorites'. Open it and just click 'Add to favorites/bookmarks'. Thats all. It will save you a lot of work and time ;)

Also write down all usernames and passwords to all levels. Start as soon as possible, or you'll regret it later.
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16. Recording from sound card

Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices > click the AUDIO tab.
Make sure "recording devices" is set to your sound card not a mic.
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17. Operating systems other than Windows (Linux, Mac OS etc.)

Yes, this riddle is solvable with other OS's. It just takes a bit more time and googling.
Several riddlers already solved notpron this way.
If you're smart enough, you will be able to finish notpron without Windows :)
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18. Does it matter which browser I use?

In the past we have recommended using Internet Explorer, mainly because the sound in notpron used <bgsound> which only works in IE. In early 2016 we have switched to <audio> instead which should work in all modern browsers.

In theory, you can use any (modern) browser you like. However we do not recommend using Google Chrome, Opera or Safari because they do not show "password hints", (the custom text in the authentication dialog of username/password levels). They do work in Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer 11 and Edge and can be important or helpful.
Chromium stopped showing this text because of safety reasons, and all Chromium based browsers, including Chrome, Opera and Vivaldi, adapted this behaviour. Safari followed.

Also, if something doesn't work and you think it should (and it might be browser related), try a recent version of Firefox. If you then find that something does not work, please let us know: send a PM to Jay2k1 or report it in the IRC channel.
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19. How do I get a certificate?

As of October 2020, certificates are not being issued anymore, sorry.

Solve notpron without cheating. First the positive levels, then the negative levels, finally the greek levels.
At their end, you will be told how to claim your certificate.
But careful: If you cheat, you might get trapped before the end of the game, without any chances to reach your goal. So do your best and solve notpron on your own, and you will know what this certificate really worth :)