Major changes to notpron and its ending

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Re: Major changes to notpron and its ending

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throwaway wrote: 05-09-2021 00:25 I think it would be cool if there was something special at the end instead of "You won the game! Congratulations!"
There WAS something very special which will forever stay in my heart.
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Re: Major changes to notpron and its ending

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amh wrote: 03-12-2020 20:40
Caine the Cat wrote: 03-12-2020 19:22 Dang... Just saw this post today and I have to say that despite being grateful for the experience I'm still upset that it's over.

My friend introduced me to Notpron earlier this year and we tried to solve it together. We made it all the way to Kappa and despite our best efforts, it kept us held for months. It really sucks that we made it so so close to the end just working together, and now we won't have the pleasure of making it to the true end. Even after the announcement was made I was still too swept up in trying to solve it before I could even notice.

It was a fun few months getting to know and love this puzzle. Don't know if we'll have the drive to finish what's left now that there's no longer any real reason to do so, but it was great while it lasted. Congrats on all the years of success and great job to all of the tremendous people who made Notpron what it was.
When you solve Lambda, you still officially finish! The only difference is there is no certificate, you can still leave your moral :)
Solved Kappa finally, after over a year and five months of occasionally going back to try things out. Still unsatisfied with that one and I feel like I must've missed a step somewhere but at least Lambda was a bit easier to figure out. Solving Lambda was like getting a lollipop after being fully awake during a long surgery. At least Notpron won't be weighing on my mind every time I look through my open tabs. Until there are any updates or changes, I can finally rest.
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