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IRC: quakenet #notpron


- �����󵹤������ܡA�ù��ո����@�U���̪��N��I
- ���D���u�O�@�T�Ϩ���²��I

- �Хκɥ���i�檺��k�A�I�W����N���ӹL���C
- �o���O�@�ӥu�O�|�B�����w�K��L�����C���A���I�����a�I
- �U�@�D���D�����}�P�z���b�Ѷ}�����D���|�����I
- �n�ϥ� Google �����d�A�����۷|���ѷj�M���A�䥦���d��ݥ� Google�C


- �Хκ~�r�����ӿ�J���סA�p�u�Ҥj�w�ߡv --> jie1da4 huan1xi1
- ���|����
- ���|���j���r��
- �ϥΪ̦W�٩M�K�X���|�X�{�b��ө������a��
- �ϥΪ̦W�٩M�K�X���j�h�ƬO����P�ɨD�o��


I'm not on a mission to prevent people from getting through this. I want you to have fun by having a good feeling everytime you beat a level, and you can be sure to learn a lot from all those riddles, if you solve 'em properly. There is nothing special waiting for you at the end. Just a screen that says "temporary end, come back later". So if you play this riddle, make sure you have fun and avoid all spoilers. If you use them, it's all a waste of time, and it's no good way to show off by bragging with your current level number.